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Visa applications

Each participant is responsible for their own travel to the Netherlands as well as arranging a visa in advance (if necessary). For the following European nationalities, a visa is required in order to travel into the Netherlands. The visa is valid for three months: Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Georgia, Moldavia, Ukraine, Russia, Serbia and Montenegro, Turkey, former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

All other countries are not required to apply for a visa. If you need a visa invitation, you must request this in writing no later than 1 February 2007 from “Organisation EVC 2007”, Merijn 1, 5663 SP Geldrop, The Netherlands, fax +31 40 213 20 62, e-mail info@evc2007.nl. An invitation will be provided as soon as the registration fee for the EVC 2007 has been paid in full to the organisation.


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