Rotterdam and the towns in its immediate proximity offer a wide diversity of accommodation options. These facilities are necessary in Rotterdam, because there is so much business and industry. Rotterdam also has a great deal to offer its visitors in the way of tourism and culture.

Accordingly, the EVC 2007 organisation has found a varied selection of accommodation options for the players and coaches.

The organisation has booked rooms at 16 official hotels, some distributed throughout the city centre and a number of easily accessible hotels on the outskirts of the city. All of them are good-quality hotels that have offered competitive rates. If you book rooms at these hotels individually, the rates will be higher. You can be sure of good connections to Ahoy from the official hotels. From the city centre, the connection is by metro, which stops at Ahoy. The hotels on the outskirts of the city are all along the main access roads to the city and therefore easy to reach by car from Ahoy. You can park your car at Ahoy all week for only €35, whereas a day pass for the parking lot normally costs €9. Some hotels offer free parking, although most of the hotels in the city centre charge a parking fee.

If the participants would prefer a good shuttle service to and from the official hotels that are less easily accessible by public transport, the organisation will arrange it for a small fee. More information on the shuttle service will be provided in the next bulletin. There will also be a special offer to use the public transport system in the city at reduced rates.

All hotels are offered on the basis of lodgings and breakfast (with the exception of Eden Savoy). Various hotels will be offering special package deals for dinners during the event.

Caravan and camper sites at Ahoy
For those who choose to come to Rotterdam with their caravan or camper, the organisation has a unique offer. A maximum of 150 camper and caravan sites are available on a special enclosed lot behind the sports complex. You can have your own “temporary home” right beside the entrance to the sports complex, and all other facilities such as metro access and a shopping centre are within walking distance. All efforts will be made to help meet all the visitors’ needs as well as possible. Water and electricity are available and the visitors can use the showers in the sports complex. In September, the camping fees include the use of water and electricity.

Città Romana Bungalow Park
Many competitors combine their participation in the EVC with a short holiday. If you enjoy a seaside holiday in comfort, the organisation has located a lovely bungalow park less than 30 minutes from Ahoy. The Città Romana luxury resort is situated by the sea and has a number of bungalows, all of which have 3 bedrooms. The bungalows are equipped with full kitchens including dishwasher, washing machine and dryer and full bathrooms. Some bungalows even have 2 bathrooms. When you arrive, your beds are made and a kitchen and towel package is ready for you. The park has a small store, a covered pool and a sauna. Of course you are welcome to breakfast in your bungalow, but the park restaurant also serves breakfast. The beach is only a 10-minute walk from the park. It is an ideal location, especially if you want to share a bungalow with several people. You can decide for yourself how many people use a single bungalow (max. 6 people per bungalow).

Visa applications
Each participant is responsible for their own travel to the Netherlands as well as arranging a visa in advance (if necessary). For the following European nationalities, a visa is required in order to travel into the Netherlands. The visa is valid for three months: Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Georgia, Moldavia, Ukraine, Russia, Serbia and Montenegro, Turkey, former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

All other countries are not required to apply for a visa. If you need a visa invitation, you must request this in writing no later than 1 February 2007 from “Organisation EVC 2007”, Merijn 1, 5663 SP Geldrop, The Netherlands, fax +31 40 213 20 62, e-mail An invitation will be provided as soon as the registration fee for the EVC 2007 has been paid in full to the organisation.


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